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ems therapy     (E-stim)

Get ready to supercharge your workouts with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS)! This amazing technique electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles, helping you to build and tone like never before. Not only that, but EMS can also be used for muscle rehabilitation and pain relief, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.

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what is ems therapy?

Marc Pro Plus dynamic electronic stimulation - reduce back pain

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technique that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. EMS devices typically consist of electrodes that are placed on the skin over the targeted muscle group. The electrical impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax, simulating the effects of exercise. EMS can be used to help clients recover from injuries or surgeries, as well as to build muscle strength and improve overall fitness. 

benefits of Ems therapy


improved blood circulation

improved blood circulation


reduced soreness

reduced soreness


enhanced recovery

enhanced recovery


increased muscle strength

increased muscle strength


improved muscle endurance

improved muscle endurance

how does Ems therapy work?

sends electronic impulses

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) works by sending electrical impulses to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax. 

muscles contract

The impulses cause the muscles to contract, which can help to improve muscle strength and tone.

electrodes on the skin

Impulses are delivered through electrodes that are placed on the skin. 

different parts of body

EMS can be used on many different parts of the body, including the arms, legs, back, and abdomen. 

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