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recover like you are at the beach

athletic performance and recovery

whole body cryotherapy

whole body cryotherapy

a whole body chill experience that lasts from 2-3 minutes, designed to invigorate and refresh, relieve pain, reduce chronic inflammation, improve circulation, boost energy and metabolism, and improve depression

infrared sauna mPulse Red Light

infrared sauna

rest, relax and detox while accelerating recovery time in our infrared sauna

ARRC LED Therapy bed

led light therapy bed

experience cellular regeneration, improved sleep, be more relaxed, reduce anxiety and enhance skin health by stimulating the production of collagen and accelerating tissue repair and treat skin conditions

normatec-3 compression increase circulation

compression therapy

experience faster recovery and enhanced performance, decrease soreness and pain, reduce swelling, as well as improve blood flow using the Normatec system

Marc Pro Plus - dynamic electronic stimulation

electronic muscle stimulation

ems uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions, improving strength, endurance, and recovery.

Fit3D body scanner

fit3d body scanner

complete a 3D Body Scan using our state-of-the-art Fit3D Scanner for full body assessment


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